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We're a New Zealand company bringing together a collection of labels you'll know for tall women in sizes 10-18*

Our inspiration has come from our shoe store Willow Shoes where we have seen the pure joy a woman feels when she finds something she loves and something she fits well.

At Willow Shoes we have spoken to so many taller women over the years about the clothing compromise they make when shopping and felt we had to help.  All labels at Redwood Clothing have been carefully redesigned to fit a woman who is taller and has longer limbs. Depending on where your length challenge is, you may need only tops for your longer arms, or pants for your longer legs, or both. For every style we check that it fits a taller woman properly.  We do more than just make our clothes longer, we adjust pockets position and make them deeper for longer hands, we adjust the hip rise of all our pants so the waist position is not landing on your hips! (Unless its a low rise jean of course)

*SIZING - We are providing mainly sizes 10-18 and have plans to extend this size range as we grow. Our styles will have shape and length and fit you well. We know so many taller women who have been buying baggy styles to get length and could only dream of styles that fitted nicely and accentuated their shape. You'; probably find you are a smaller size than you ever thought once you try your true size with the right length. Yes the standard size 12 from a high street store fits on you...but it just never looks right, you tug on the arms, your pants ride up, you're uncomfortable...and so you buy the 14. You are about to experience a transformation in how you feel about yourself in clothes...come in and try something on...FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

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