A New Store...Just for Tall Women

A New Store...Just for Tall Women

Posted by Georgie Falloon, the woman behind Redwood Clothing & Willow Shoes on 10th Nov 2020

Tall women down under...clothes shopping just got a lot more exciting and a lot more local.

The old saying 'Never waste a good crisis!' pretty much explains how this got kicked off...

Willow Shoes began over 20 years ago...a store full of beautiful shoes for longer feet. This year we planned to celebrate that milestone...but lockdown changed that party plan!  This much loved and needed business was put in a tough situation and faced real challenges like many other retailers. We needed to think outside the shoe box and we did! It was time to bring a long time dream to life and make sure we made it out of 2020 better than ever. Lockdown was used to the max and we developed this idea and created a plan to launch a beautiful range of clothing by mostly New Zealand designers, for all the tall women we have seen walk through our Willow Shoes doors in the last 20 years telling us they not only needed shoes, but longer clothes too. 

Redwood Clothing is a like a sister to Willow Shoes. It can be found within the Willow Shoes stores and here at online. 

Creating Redwood Clothing has brought positivity and a sense of excitement to all of us at Willow Shoes while at the same time creating new business opportunities for other New Zealand fashion labels. We're so excited to bring this to you all and can't wait for you to feel the difference these clothes will make to how you look and feel. Our aim is to change clothes shopping for tall women forever.  

It's been a challenge to get this off the ground in such an unpredictable crazy year but we've done it. Delays have been the name of the game. Shipping delays, fabric delays, courier delays...all the while, our approach has been to simply roll with it and push on because we knew there was a need. 

We're starting small. The brands in our range are from beautiful caring designers who have gone out on a limb with this and taken on the challenge of re-modelling their clothes for a tall woman's body. They've been busy with pattern redesigns and fabric orders in a year where taking more risks seemed a bit mad. 

We understand the pain points because we're tall too. No more tugging down your top, yanking up your pants, pockets that are too high up, worrying about your underwear showing, revealing socks and bare skin when you cross your legs. 

Our first collection includes beautiful 'staples' that can be worn in different ways on different days. Each piece has been carefully redesigned to fit a tall woman - and adjustments have been made in all the right places - not just by adding centimetres to the length. Many of our staff are over 6ft tall and they have helped to test fit each brand (Trudi and Liz take a bow right now please xx). Excitement has built with the arrival of each new piece - and there have been wows! and whoops of delight when something goes on and it feels just right. Some women need length all over, some like me, need it more in the arms than the legs. Im 175cm but my arms belong to a much longer body!

We're offering sizes 10-16* in our range with some brands like XLab will fit up to a size 18* in their XL. Offering longer styles in these sizes is the gap we have been hearing about for a long time from talking to taller women who visit our stores.  

Here is your new 'one stop clothing shop' and we know you're going to love it. Beautifully fitted clothes. Comfort and ease wearing clothes that have been specially made to fit your height. Come in and try for yourself...then lift your head and put your shoulders back... love your height even more.

Welcome to Redwood Clothing! xx