Shopping at Redwood Clothing...You're going to love this!

Shopping at Redwood Clothing...You're going to love this!

Posted by Liz, Redwood Clothing Auckland & Long Time Willow Shoes Sales Manager on 13th Nov 2020

We are all excited to see Redwood Clothing come to life here in New Zealand...these last couple of days we have seen the first tall women in our stores and enjoyed seeing the buzz a great fit can give you. Im 6ft 2 for those of you that have not met me in person and only heard my lovely voice on the phone!  I've been blessed with size 11 feet and thank heaven for Willow my shoes are sorted!  I started at Willow as 'a Saturday girl' and 11 years on I'm now part of the next wardrobe transformation this exciting little NZ company is making for tall women like me. 

For as long as I can remember, my height has been a 'feature'. Getting clothes has been hit and miss and I've compromised on length so many times and just made it work. I'm all tall...legs, arms and body. Redwood Clothing is as life changing for me as Willow Shoes has been. This exciting 'diversification' has come about from years of meeting tall women at Willow Shoes and just chatting to them about their shopping challenges. At Willow we only stock shoes for longer feet size 10 up...and those feet often belong to a taller woman. Many of us at Willow Shoes are 6ft plus always knew there was a need out there right here in NZ for clothes we can fit properly. If you're half as excited as we are about this new range, you're going to love it to bits! Our first collection is small and stunning...we're all fighting over the Vintage Paloma Shirt by Storm...those long drapey sleeves are something else ladies! When Georgie first floated this idea in the middle of the Covid craziness I 'got it' immediately was right behind her from the start. We've involved every one of our girls in this little dream along the way and shared the excitement. Having something new in the mix has been really positive for us. There's been obvious challenges but no lack of enthusiasm  and drive and now we're here...ready and excited to see something new that fits so beautifully into our Willow story of always wanting to make women feel fabulous.  

I've got a long time friendship with the lovely Sharyn from Staple+Cloth...that was a 'moment' when we connected her with Georgie and floated the idea of making her clothes just a little longer here and there. Then a very cool day was had with Georgie and I visiting the designers and really getting to the heart of this idea. Meeting these other business women was quite a buzz and had been impossible during Covid lockdowns...Georgie had relied on courier, zoom, mobile, facetime...and trust which comes from connecting good people with good people.

This first range of clothes is going to be in my life and...quite changes my life. I am fizzing about how it feels to put pants on and they go all the way to over my boots. The sleeves of the Amelia Top reach my wrists and make me feel so feminine. When you're tall and finally get the chance to try on clothes like realise what you've been missing...and compromising. 

Come and see us...feel the difference the right length can make and let's get this fantastic new and much needed idea going and from there we will bring more and more fantastic things you will love.

Oh and and other bit we love...every brand we've asked to make clothes in longer sizes has said yes and comes from NZ. Isn't that cool!

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