Trudi's Story

Trudi's Story

Posted by Trudi - Redwood Clothing Christchurch Store on 12th Nov 2020

...For as long as I can remember and due to my very long limbs I have always found it exceptionally difficult to buy anything 'off the rack'. I learnt to sew from a very young age, creating my own clothing was my only option. I was never happy with the 'home-made' look, so I would work really hard to come up with copy cat features to make my clothes look like they were store bought and like everybody else's. I've been known to stay up all night to make an outfit for an event the next day!!!

As life got busier and I didn't have the time to make my own clothes, I settled for clothing that was often ill fitting and uncomfortable to wear - there was just nothing on the market available to accommodate my long limbs. Pants, jeans, tops and sleeves were usually always too short!!! I was sure I was not alone in this dilemma - there must be other women from 'my tribe' who were in the same boat!!!

During the Covid lockdown earlier this year I received a call from my boss Georgie asking me if I would be interested in 'helping' her with a project she had in mind for the business. She had my undivided attention from the moment she said CLOTHES and MADE TO FIT TALL WOMEN LIKE YOU!!! I couldn't believe my ears - how perfect!!!

Not one to ever sit back and hope it will happen - Georgie immediately went into action and sought to find some NZ designers who would be willing to step up to the challenge. My role in the process was to 'test fit' each piece as it was made and offer feedback on size, fit, feel and comfort (best job ever!!!) Not being in the same town as the designers or Georgie offered challenges so it began with series of photos. I had a lot of hilarious moments as I learnt to click, pose and wait for the timed shots...and don't forget to smile.